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A Bit of Background

We started out raising a Golden Doodle. We realized what an amazing experience it is to meet your puppy for the first time. We also realized that we loved watching people meet their puppy. Nothing is better to see the face of a family light up as they see their puppy. The is joy and tears and smiles are bigger than I thought possible. Because, That Is... Happiness

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Guiding Philosophy

Everyone deserves a new puppy. There are few things more emotional then a having the most faithful animal by your side. We will help whoever we can experience the joy. Not everyone can adopt a puppy, that we know. But, we are committed to helping the world experience the joy it brings people. Join us and subscribe to our channel and feel the happiness a puppy brings.

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Contact Us

782 S River Road #21 St. George, UT 84790

(435) 319-0896

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