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Puppy Adoption #1 Alix, Idan, and Teddy. Watch this wonderful video that might just melt your heart.

What is interesting about this adoption is Idan has never had a pet. This will be his first. He couldn’t have picked a better puppy than Teddy. He is a golden doodle and they are known for the unconditional love for their new mama and papa. And then you have Alix. She has wanted a puppy similar to Teddy since she was little. She had a stuffed animal that looked like Teddy and she would put a collar on it pretending it was her puppy. Today, that fantasy becomes a reality.

The emotion from Alix I know is going to make people cry. The joy emanating from her was amazing and a privilege to witness. And Idan, He couldn’t stop smiling. None of us could. It was a special experience. At the end of this video, it will be an honor to hang their picture on our wall. You saw this wonderful moment, tells us how this experience made you feel. We want to hear from you.

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