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Puppy Adoption #2, Stephine, KJ and Brewin meet for the first time and it is magical! Don't Cry!

Today we are going to be surprising Brewin with a new family. Stephine and KJ were great fun. In their story, Stephine wanted a puppy and KJ didn’t. That changed and here we are today. They drove here and the anticipation was killing Stephine, she said she didn’t sleep the night before. That is excitement. Kj, he’s been a cool cat the whole time. You know Stephine is going to react. What about KJ? That is the magic of meeting your new best friend. Check it out. Brewin, you did it. You brought your mama to tears and won over your papa’s heart. You had your first family road trip, your first bath, and learned how to brew coffee the right way. The aromatic scent of coffee will lift your heart and always remind you of home. Brewin, you are home. And the part best of meeting your new family is, the belly rubs are just beginning. And that is... happiness.

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